Shawn Michaels Reveals He Has Reached Out To Forgotten WWE Superstar About NXT Role

Shawn Michaels

With WWE’s roster in a constant state of flux and constant changes to the company’s various programs, it’s easy for some wrestlers to fall through the cracks.

But now that Shawn Michaels is in charge of NXT, he’s doing everything within his power to make sure that doesn’t happen to many people.

That was why he reached out to someone from the now-cancelled NXT UK and is looking to give her a role on the remaining yellow brand.

Blair Davenport, a.k.a. Bea Priestley, wrestled for NXT UK starting in 2021. However, her last match with the brand and with WWE in general was back in September 2022.

Because of this lack of appearances, Shawn Michaels has been looking for a role for Davenport and gave an update on Davenport’s status during a recent media call when the topic was raised by Fightful’s Ella Jay.

Shawn Michaels wants Blair Davenport to come to the United States to wrestle on NXT

“I do know that there is interest obviously there, especially from the standpoint of Blair Davenport. Those are obviously decisions that she has to make when it comes to wanting to be here.

I will say that, my feeling is, if she does make that decision, she would want to come and make a big impact. We would obviously be in favor of that as well.

She is someone that we have reached out to. Whether she makes the determination that she wants to be part of NXT, hopefully we’ll have something on that in the very near future.”

Davenport was previously in a relationship with NJPW wrestler Will Ospreay but the two of them split at some point in 2021.

H/t to Fightful