Shawn Michaels Responds To Persistent Vince McMahon Rumour

Vince McMahon and Shawn Michaels

Since Vince McMahon made his shocking return to WWE in January 2023, there have been multiple rumours about just how involved he is with the company.

While officially he has returned to help facilitate a sale of the Sports Entertainment giant, there is still speculation that McMahon has also had a hand in creative decisions despite Triple H having taken the role of Chief Content Officer in his absence.

The Game recently attempted to quash these rumours at a recent talent meeting, saying that while he and McMahon do have discussions, Triple H still has the final say.

Suggestions that the WWE Executive Chairman’s reach extends to NXT have now also been addressed.

Shawn Michaels says Vince McMahon not involved in NXT

Speaking on the recent Vengeance Day media call, Shawn Michaels, who currently runs NXT, denied McMahon has been anywhere near the developmental brand.

“He has not, and I don’t think (he will). I’d imagine that Vince probably has bigger fish to fry than us down here in NXT.

“One of the things I enjoy about my job down here is the plausible deniability that I’m allowed to have. I don’t ask a lot of questions because I don’t want to know the answers to some of them.

Michaels went on to explain that NXT has a lot of leeway within the company, with the brand normally being left to its own devices.

“Even back when we were here [with Vince in charge], he was very good with us down here. They helped us in a certain way and guided us in how they wanted it to go, but after that, it was hands-off. Hunter, the same thing.

“They’re very good with us down here in NXT. They understand it’s a different environment down here, so we’re very fortunate to kind of be independent, no matter who is running the ship up there in Stamford, they allow us a great deal of freedom down here, which we appreciate.”

NXT Vengeance Day takes place on February 4th and is headlined by Bron Breakker defending the NXT Championship against Grayson Waller in a Steel Cage Match.

H/T to eWrestlingNews for the above transcription