How Much Was Shawn Michaels Reportedly Paid For In-Ring Return At Crown Jewel?

Shawn Michaels

One thing is for certain: Shawn Michaels is a very rich man.

Recently on the “What Happened When” podcast, professional wrestling icon and current AEW commentator Tony Schiavone spoke about 2018’s WWE Crown Jewel.

Shawn Michaels Was Out Here Getting Paid

Tony Schiavone also spoke about topics currently going on in professional wrestling.

For instance, Schiavone talked about AEW‘s locker room leaders:

“(Samoa) Joe is such a cool guy in real life. I mean, one of the coolest, and I’m so glad I’ve gotten to know him. I was talking about how great of a pro that Bryan Danielson is. I think it’s well documented on the dirt sheets that Danielson and Jericho and John Moxley are kind of the leaders of our clubhouse. They’re kind of our captains and they have really done a good job with attitude.”

He spoke about working with Taz:

“I said you’re the best in the business at color commentary. He is so much fun to work with. He really is. The reason is, is you can turn him on a fu**ing dime. I can say something he doesn’t like and all of a sudden, he gets fu**ing angry. He’ll admit it. He’s like, ‘I just can’t help myself. I’m sorry. I just can’t.'”

Finally, Conrad Thompson noted that he heard Shawn Michaels landed $3 million to fight in the squared circle at WWE’s Crown Jewel Premium Live Event in 2018.

“I do think it’s interesting that this is Shawn Michaels’ last match. He got paid a fu*k ton of money here, millions of dollars. I don’t know if it’s true, but I heard he got like $3 million for this match. Like if that’s real, of course he had to wrestle again. Are you kidding?'”

Shawn Michaels is currently the head of WWE’s NXT developmental brand.

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