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Shawn Michaels Opens Up About Being NXT UK’s “Voice Of God” [Exclusive]

Shawn Michaels

WWE Hall of Famer Shawn Michaels has opened up about being NXT UK’s “voice of God” as he helps produce the weekly programming via Zoom call!

Speaking about the progression of Scotland as a professional wrestling powerhouse, Mr. WrestleMania had high praise for Gallus, before pin-pointing Kay Lee Ray as WWE’s “best kept secret” and tipping the NXT UK Women’s Champion to emulate Drew McIntyre.

Those are talents Michaels oversees the progress of in NXT UK, which is back and better than ever after six months out of action in 2020. However, Mr WrestleMania can’t get to the United Kingdom to help the progression of the product, so HBK opened up about the challenges they’ve overcome to keep the show going.

“At first, it was pretty challenging. It’s very hard not being there, wanting to be there and to convey the passion. Again, we enjoy going over. I love our talent over there.”

The Hall of Famer would go on to discuss how he’s “connected” to the UK talents, and that he misses not seeing them in person.

“I’m connected to them in a way I hope that they understand is unlike a lot of stuff. It is almost like family. It’s like estranged sons and daughters. You begin to really care about them and want success for them, want them to fulfil their hopes and dreams. I love being there, physically being able to do that, to convey that with them. But thankfully, we’re still able to do it in this environment. It’s just a little bit more challenging.”

Shawn Michaels would go on to reveal that the only way to help out from across the pond now is to be “the voice of God” – which gives access to a tannoy system where Mr WrestleMania can speak to the talent and crew thanks to technology.

“Yeah, sometimes the only way to do it is to hit the little switch and to call ‘the voice of God.’ So it has to be shorter and sweeter – as you can tell by this interview, I can be long-winded. So that’s been the hardest part is we’re conveying our appreciation and our thanks for everything and all the hard work that they’re doing and trying to do it in a timely way that doesn’t sound too overbearing with them at the youth in that system.”

Michaels went on to say he loves being able to be “hands-on” and that they love the relationship with BT Sport before admitting, “We can’t wait to get back.”

“It’s great to still to be able to be so hands-on with the UK. And we’re very happy with the relationship there at BT, and just a great success. And of course, the fact that you, the NXT UK Universe, enjoys it obviously is a blast for us as well.”

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Thank you so much to Shawn Michaels for taking the time to chat, and to WWE UK and BBC The Social for facilitating the chat.

You can watch WrestleMania live on the WWE Network on April 10th and 11th, as the Show of Shows emanates from the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa, Florida.