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Shawn Michaels On Wanting The Attitude Era 3 Years Before It Happened

Shawn Michaels Triple H

Shawn Michaels has discussed his views on the wrestling business during the nineties when the then-WWF underwent major changes in its presentation as the company transitioned into the Attitude Era.

Shawn Michaels alongside friend and tag team partner Kevin Nash were two of the cornerstones of mid-90s WWF. In the era that is known as ‘The New Generation’ the two men alongside Bret Hart and Razor Ramon, led the company in a new direction now Hulkamania had moved to WCW.

According to Michaels, who was speaking on the WWE Untold special about his and Nash’s partnership, the change in direction could not come quick enough for him.

Shawn Michaels explained:

“The genesis of a lot of my trouble with everybody was I felt we were transitioning from the traditional way the wrestling business has always been to what it needed to be. We were trying to tell them about the Attitude Era three years before it ever happened.”

Michaels was a key component in the early days of the Attitude Era as he led Triple H and Chyna in D-Generation X. By this time, however, Kevin Nash had departed the WWF for WCW. There he and Scott Hall turned Hulkamania on his head and formed the New World Order.

After WrestleMania 14, Michaels stepped away from in-ring competition for four years as he dealt with injuries. In that time Stone Cold Steve Austin, assisted by The Rock and Mick Foley then launched the WWF to new heights as the Attitude Era crashed into the new millennium.

Shawn Michaels also discussed some of the problems he faced early on in his budding wrestling career.

Credit: WWE Untold