Shawn Michaels Reveals Discussions Regarding NXT Japan & NXT Mexico

Shawn Michaels

The closure of NXT UK ahead of NXT Europe’s scheduled 2023 launch led to speculation that WWE was looking to expand its NXT brand into multiple other markets. The likes of NXT Japan have long been rumoured, with a number of top Japanese promotions reportedly turning down offers of a WWE buyout that would boost potential Performance Centers.

Shawn Michaels, the current Senior Vice President, Talent Development Creative for WWE, addressed the possibility of adding more location-specific NXT branches in the future during a post-NXT Halloween Havoc conference call. With NXT Global recently being trademarked, ‘The Heartbreak Kid’ confirmed that internal talks have taken place for NXT’s expansion:

“When it comes to NXT expanding outside of the US, NXT Europe is going to be coming in 2023 and I know there have been talks of NXT Japan and NXT Mexico. Those are probably farther down the road but it’s my understanding that those are some announcements that could be coming not too far down the road in 2023.

The one thing everyone is excited about is, this company never sleeps and we are constantly trying to grow and expand. I have no doubt, I can’t tell you how I know, but I know a guy that is pretty interested in NXT and its expansion. I’m sure those things are not far down the road at all.”

Shawn Michaels Has Replaced Triple H As NXT’s Go-To Man

With Vince McMahon’s retirement from WWE came Paul ‘Triple H’ Levesque’s promotion, meaning he would have less of a say on NXT matters as he focused his attention on the main WWE roster. As a result, Shawn Michaels received a promotion as well, essentially taking over where ‘The Game’ left off in NXT.

‘Mr WrestleMania’ has previously discussed this promotion, stating how he often finds it intimidating manning the brand on a day-to-day basis, rather than being Triple H’s right-hand man.

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