Shawn Michaels Full Of Praise For Dominik Mysterio

Dominik Mysterio Rhea Ripley

Shawn Michaels has become the latest legendary name to heap praise upon Dominik Mysterio’s incredible rise to become one of the hottest heels in the wrestling business

Mysterio’s stock has risen hugely since joining the Judgment Day last September after a shocking turn on his Father, Rey Mysterio, and Edge at WWE Clash Of The Castle in Cardiff, Wales.

The 26 year-old claimed his first singles title in WWE on July 18th, lifting the NXT North American Championship with a surprise win over Wes Lee.

‘Dirty’ Dom will now defend his crown at NXT: The Great American Bash as he competes in a triple threat match with Lee and Mustafa Ali.

Speaking on the NXT: The Great American Bash Media Call, WWE Senior Vice President of Talent Development Creative Shawn Michaels heaped praised on Mysterio’s rise given the challenge of following in his Father’s footsteps:

“It’s an interesting situation for him. He was literally thrown into the deep end pretty quickly. He’s been around this line of work his entire life. That much he was used to, the environment. Once you get out there and filling the shoes that he’s trying to fill, it’s a pretty daunting task. There is almost no way for people to live up to the legacies of their fathers. Some do, but it’s very tough.

Any child of any WWE superstar, I get reminded from mine, and they’re not even in the public eye, ‘Hey dude, it ain’t easy being your kid.’ I can’t imagine what it’s also like to have to go out there and perform in front of the WWE Universe and trying to fill your father’s shoes. Dom has done a wonderful job at that. He’s had to do it on the big stage.”

Shawn Michaels Praises Dominik Mysterio’s Maturity

Shawn Michaels was not done there with his praise for the young Superstar, explaining how time in NXT will benefit Mysterio before making special mention of the NXT North American Champion’s maturity and respect for the business:

“This is a great reprieve and opportunity for him. Clearly, he’s still out there doing main roster matches and out there on the main roster, but he’s allowed to come back here. We’ve had a few talks. I want him to be able to take the time and work on some of those things he feels he needs to work on or to try things. I want him to have perhaps a little bit more freedom down here and a little looser structure if he’d like to try stuff, and see how it works.

Also, find out who Dom Mysterio is going to be, separated from his father. I’ve talked with him a great deal about coming down here and trying to work on anything he feels he needs to work on, anything we see he needs to work on. That’s what all of us do. We never talked about it much and there wasn’t as much information when I was doing it as there is today, but all of us, every time we’re in the ring, we all talk about reps.

We all got better with people that were better than us. The business is always evolving, you’re always wanting to grow as a performer. I took advantage of every live event that wasn’t televised because I knew that’s where I could try something new and see if it was going to work and be ready for television.

We want Dom to come down here and take advantage of those opportunities as well. He’s doing a great job of that. He’s a very mature, respectful, and professional young man at such an early age. Rey and his wife did a fabulous job. He understands and respects this business, a very mature young man who has had a lot thrown on him, but he’s done a fantastic job thus far.”

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