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Shawn Michaels Discusses The Use Of Superkicks In Modern Wrestling

Shawn Michaels Superkick

Shawn Michaels will forever be remembered as the greatest wrestlers to ever lace up a pair of boots, and now he’s trying to pass on his experience and wisdom to the next generation.

In recent years Shawn Michaels has spent his time working alongside long-time friend Triple H with WWE’s next generation of performers in NXT.

Speaking in a new interview with Joseph Staszewski of The New York Post HBK revealed that he never planned on being involved with NXT as long as he has, adding that it has now become a big part of his life. When asked if he thought he would be as involved and as hands on as he is, the Hall of Famer had a simple answer.

“Absolutely not. Yeah, no way (laughs). We joke that Hunter talks about it all the time. He tells people all I needed to do. He came in the door talking I’m just gonna stick my big toe in the water, I don’t want any responsibility. I’m just gonna come in and do my little thing and go about my business. He knew it would only be a matter of time before I was so entrenched in it and engrossed by it that I’d be all in. That’s exactly what happened. From the UK brand to NXT here. I am passionately and personally involved.

It’s a very big part of my life. I sincerely feel like it’s my purpose. I have a wonderful family that understands that who supports me in that. I wouldn’t change it for anything.”

Throughout his career Michaels was known for his use of Sweet Chin Music, the superkick he adopted as his finishing move. There has been significant debate in recent weeks around the perceived over-use of Superkicks and leg-slapping in modern wrestling. When asked for his opinion on the issue HBK explained that he embraces change and that he appreciates the athleticism of today’s wrestlers.

“Clearly I look back and I go, OK I did it. I just did one. I’m always of the cloth, I can remember when I started people telling me too fast, too much, too this and there’s a balance there. They were right in some respects and at the same time, the business also evolves and changes. Football isn’t played the same. Basketball isn’t played the same, so I don’t know. I’m somebody that embraces those changes. I feel like somewhere in the middle and balance is so important. I appreciate the style of today. I appreciate the athleticism of the performers of today. Are they perfect? No. But neither were we.”

Elsewhere in the conversation, Michaels praised NXT Champion Finn Balor calling the Irishman ” a complete athlete and wrestler while Michaels also commented on the possibility of NXT moving from it’s current home on Wednesday nights.

It is worth noting that it has also since been reported that the move may not be as close as originally thought with Dave Meltzer noting that the move may be off altogether.