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Shawn Michaels Discusses The Problems He Faced Early In His Career

Shawn Michaels & Marty Jannetty

Speaking on the latest instalment of the WWE Untold series looking back at his partnership with Kevin Nash, Shawn Michaels has revealed some of the problems he faced early in his career.

The new documentary titled WWE Untold: Two Dudes With Attitudes, takes a deep dive into the careers of HBK and Kevin Nash.

Reflecting on the early part of his career teaming with Marty Jannetty, Michaels revealed that other wrestlers were uncomfortable losing to him.

“I’ve been in the wrestling business for five, six years. I’ve made it to the WWE. I was in a relatively successful tag-team; we never won the tag-team championships but Marty and I, the Rockers, were a very good team. At that point certainly I’d surpassed that apartment and the car, and I was doing more than just travelling round the state of Texas. People were still uncomfortable with the idea of losing to me, and I was never going to be a Hogan-esque or Warrior-esque type main event, that was the genesis of a lot of my trouble with everybody. Look, I had somebody tell me ‘nobody could take a back-drop that high; it’d kill ‘em’. Yeah well, I did. So either I’m cool and better than you or you can’t do it and you’re jealous, but you’re not allowed to say that stuff.”

After a run in the WWE alongside Jannetty, The Rockers famously went their separate ways after Michaels threw his partner through a window on Brutus Beefcake’s Barber Shop. After the split, Shawn Michaels adopted the ‘Heartbreak Kid’ moniker eventually introducing his bodyguard Diesel, aka Kevin Nash.

The pair initially came together in mid 1993 when Kevin Nash joined WWE from WCW. Debuting under the name Diesel, Nash helped Michaels win the Intercontinental Championship, before later winning the belt for himself.

Shawn Michaels and Diesel claimed the Tag Tag Team Titles on two occasions, first in 1994. The team would dissolve at that years’ Survivor Series after HBK Superkicked his partner. The pair feuded over the WWF(WWE) Championship before reuniting once more.

The Two Dudes With Attitudes eventually broke up a year later, with Diesel facing Michaels in his last match before heading to WCW. The match was the pre-curser to the infamous ‘Curtain Call’ involving Nash, Michaels, Scott Hall and Triple H.

Posting on Twitter and the documentary’s premiere, Kevin Nash revealed that he teared up after watching the show.

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