Shawn Michaels Confronted By Furious NXT Star

Shawn Michaels

At NXT Vengeance Day, Grayson Waller challenged Bron Breakker for the NXT Championship in a Steel Cage Match.

The pair went to war in the structure, but despite his best efforts, Waller was unable to overcome the Champion. The end came after Waller climbed to the top of the cage, looking to jump on Breakker. However, Breakker got to his feet and climbed after him before taking him back to the mat with a massive Superplex. He followed up with a Spear for the pinfall victory.

The night didn’t end there for Waller though.

Grayson Waller confronts Shawn Michaels during media call

After Vengeance Day, Shawn Michaels took media questions during a conference call. Mid-way through, though, a frustrated Waller stormed in and demanded to talk to HBK about an unknown incident.

“Hey Shawn, we need to talk. We gonna talk about it?

“Oh, here we go, here we got all these simps, huh? No, we need to talk about it, you can talk to these guys later.”

Waller then accused Michaels of playing favourites and asked if he had to become an HBK fan to become his “guy”.

“Let me ask you a question, yeah? Why am I not the guy? I’m gonna put hearts on my gear?

“You got all these fans, a bunch of fans in the locker room. Talk to me now.

“You’re gonna take a photo? I can do your pose? You can pretend to be Diesel. You want me to be a fan of you, is that how I get to be your guy?

“Talk to me, Shawn, I’m right here!”

NXT trainer Matt Bloom defused the situation by taking Waller out of the room. When asked what it was all about, Michaels revealed there had been an incident in Gorilla earlier in the night and Waller was unhappy with “some things”.

“There was an incident coming back from Gorilla before. Grayson is a bit perturbed with me. It’s been festering down here for a bit.

He’s just upset with me about some things going on down here which we’ll obviously talk over later.

I appreciate him though, he’s the same all the time, he’s not that much different on television than he is in real life, I’ll give him that.”

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