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Shawn Michaels Comments On How A Young HBK Would Cope In NXT

Shawn Michaels Triple H

Shawn Michaels has discussed how the Performance Center would have been massively beneficial to him in his younger, wilder days. Triple H added that it provides the same support that Vince McMahon gave to his wrestlers.

On a media call following Night 2 of NXT TakerOver: Stand And Deliver, HBK was asked by prowrestling.net about how a twenty-something Shawn Michaels would cope in the more disciplined confines of the Performance Center or if he was too much of a ‘free spirit’ at that time.

Shawn Michaels previously discussed this issue with Inside The Ropes lead writer Gary Cassidy during an exclusive interview.

On this occasion The Heartbreak Kid stated:

“Yeah, you know what it’s funny, I’ve been asked that before and I do [think that’s what I needed]. I dunno, I think me at that age, the structure would have helped me a great deal. Especially, we’ve got people, and given my past and everything else. We talk very real with everybody and that is something that I think would have helped. I appreciate the question because it’s something that I’ve thought about before, and I do, I think I really could have used this kind of structure, this kind of team, this kind of support. People again, you know, not telling you ‘this is cool’ when it really isn’t, not being afraid to be honest with you, to be open with you, and letting you know when you were screwing up.”

“I really think that something like this – and that’s what I love about this place, that everybody’s really hands-on here. It gets very personal here; we’re allowed to have relationships with these young men and women. You can really get to know them, and that helps. It helps a great deal, certainly for somebody like me. I always said when I did this job, it wasn’t just business for me. It was very personal to me because it was the two loves of my life, wrestling and the woman I’m still married to. You know, again, it’s one of those things that I think would have really helped to have people that were open and honest and support you as we do here. I think it’s a fantastic question and I hope I answered it okay for you.”

Triple H, who was on the media call with Michaels then gave his opinion on the issue. The Game stated that the atmosphere at the Performance Center is paralleled with Vince McMahon’s relationship with his wrestlers.

Triple H explained:

“I would say this knowing Shawn. You hear it a lot and Vince takes a lot of unnecessary criticism for a lot of things. You hear a lot from the older talent that were in that period of time that Shawn is talking about. You’ll hear Vince talked [about] almost as a father figure from people to a lot of people that didn’t have that in their lives.”

“The reason is because – there are two things Vince did. He told you I believe in you and two, he told you stuff straight. He didn’t mince words and sometimes you might have hated him for it. But he was probably the closest thing most guys had to a dad. He told guys the truth whether they wanted to hear it or not, he set them straight when he needed to and he was a strong hand with them. But he believed in them and he let them struggle and fail and succeed and all those things. But he did it within a way – you hear it all the time, ‘he was a father figure to me.'”

“I think there’s so much of that here. I don’t necessarily mean father figures but that support system of people that believe in you but at the same point in time aren’t here to tell you ‘you’re great, don’t worry about it, just do whatever you wanna do.’ They’re here to tell you the truth. They’re here to make you better, they’re here to make you succeed whether you want to hear it or not. Some people will thrive with it and grow with it. That;s the part I do agree, I think this would’ve been really good for somebody like Shawn because it would have been a structured system around him rather than one voice.”

NXT TakeOver: Stand And Deliver culminated on Night 2 of the event, full results can be found here.

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