Shawn Michaels Comments NXT Reportedly Moving To Tuesday Nights

Shawn Michaels thumb

Speaking ahead of William Regals ‘game changing announcements’ on the March 10th episode of NXT, Shawn Michaels has commented on reports that NXT is set to move from it’s current home on Wednesday nights.

In conversation with The New York Post, Shawn Michaels said that while nothing would change for NXT should they move, a switch “wouldn’t hurt,” either.

“It’s always clearly easier when your sort of destination programming, so to speak. Nothing would change certainly for us. We still try to put the best show out there that we can. Clearly, I know that’s everybody’s goal. I think it would only be fair to say everyone knows that when you are not competing against another similar show that it makes it a little bit easier. It allows people to enjoy that. And then you think about the follow from Raw the next night. So, clearly, it certainly wouldn’t hurt.”

The Hall of Famer also addressed rumours that there are plans to add Women’s Tag Team Titles to the black and gold brand. The Showstopper explained that while he’s unsure if the belts are needed, it’s definitely something that needs to be looked at.

“Is it needed? I don’t know if those things are ever needed. To your point, we certainly have the depth. I know it sometimes sounds a bit cliché, everyone knows NXT we have the absolute greatest, No. 1 women’s division on the planet. There’s not even another feasible argument to make. We have the most talented young ladies within NXT.

Look I think it’s certainly something we can begin to think about or begin to talk about. I do believe the depth is there. Look every time you do that it could always be challenging. I think that’s something we enjoy here. I do know that from a creative standpoint we enjoy challenges. I know our talent does. But I would be comfortable saying I think we certainly have the depth for it. Those are all decisions that are all sort of above me at this point. I’d certainly back it.”

The upcoming episode of NXT is set to be one of the most action packed of the show in recent memory. Aside of Regal’s announcements, Finn Balor is set to defend his NXT Title against Adam Cole while Toni Storm will face Lo Shirai for her Women’s NXT Title.