Shaul Guerrero Recalls Her Father Eddie’s Random Acts Of Kindness

Shaul Guerrero

Shaul Guerrero has opened up about her memories of her father’s random acts of kindness.

Eddie Guerrero was known for being particularly kind to those around him, something his daughter Shaul remembers fondly.

Speaking to Chris Van Vliet, Shaul said that her father was known for random acts of kindness before describing a couple of heart-warming memories from her childhood.

“He would do random acts of kindness all the time. One day I was at step team practice and he brought a sh*tload of McDonalds for everybody. One day he saw me and the kids were bored, so he went to Target and bought a bunch of water guns. Of course he got the super soaker and it turned into this battle. He would do things like that all the time. He had a big heart, when he was sober he was great and the person to talk to in the locker room.”

With the Guerrero family name synonymous with professional wrestling it seemed like only a matter of time before Shaul Guerrero joined the family business.

Guerrero signed a developmental contract with WWE in late 2010, but as she revealed elsewhere in the interview, things were far from plain sailing.

Shaul later made her in-ring debut in February 2011 under the ring name Raquel Diaz. Only after being told that she wouldn’t be allowed to use her family name.

“I remember being told, I’m not going to say by who, that if you suck, we cant drag your families name in the mud. I’m like [shocked expression]. I understood that. Again it’s like they never said I had to be as good as my dad, but there was always little things like that which are hard to ignore. That was day one.”

After enjoying a period of success in WWE’s then developmental FCW (Later known as NXT) Guerrero left the company in 2012. She did however return a year later, although she didn’t appear on television before once again leaving WWE in 2014.

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