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Shaul Guerrero On The Rey – Eddie Custody Angle [Exclusive]

Eddie Dominik

With Dominik Mysterio venturing into the squared circle this year, a lot of people have been remembering THAT storyline where Rey Mysterio and Eddie Guerrero fought over the custody of the boy both claimed were their son. However, one of the late, great Eddie Guerrero’s birth children, Shaul Guerrero, recently caught up with Inside The RopesGary Cassidy to discuss her return to the ring – and whether she ever thought Dominik Mysterio was her real-life brother due to what was playing out onscreen.

“Honestly, we’ve grown up as performers, my sister and I – whether it was in the wrestling industry or not – so we were pretty smart to “it’s a work” kind of thing. And my mom and dad also wanted to make sure that my sister and I were comfortable because it was such an emotional storyline for everybody involved. So, I think they wanted to make sure that we came out of the storyline – and that Dominik came out of the storyline – with our mental health intact, and our family unit intact.

Guerrero did go on to say she knew it was all a work, but that she sometimes had to convince herself because the work from both men was so good.

“So, I totally knew it was a work – but you know that everyone’s doing a really good job when you’re in a storyline and even you, yourself, get suspended from reality and you’re like, ‘This is fake.’ Like, you have to convince yourself, like, ‘Yeah, no, this isn’t real.’ So the fact that there were moments when we were taping and stuff like that, and Dad was so emotional, that you kind of have to wonder a little bit, they did their job right – so that was always really fun.”

Much like Shaul Guerrero, Rey Mysterio’s son Dominik has also ventured into the ring, and Shaul told ITR how he’s “earned” the Mysterio name.

“I have noticed Dominik has come in and he’s done an amazing job. He’s earned the Mysterio name. And I see that he’s doing a really great job. I don’t know all the ins and outs of everything, especially because my husband and I – fun fact – don’t have cable! So we actually don’t get to watch it that often, but whatever Dominik is doing, I know he’s in a very similar boat as I am, and I wish him all the luck in the world for him to keep pressing on.”

Thank you to Shaul Guerrero for taking the time to talk to Inside The Ropes!
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