Shaul Guerrero Discusses Her Father’s Legacy [Exclusive]

Shaul Guerrero

Living with a legendary name can be either a blessing or a curse, but Shaul Guerrero is determined to prove to the world that she’s ready to bring her father’s legacy back into the family. Guerrero has most recently been notable as the voice of Women of Wrestling, as well as being the announcer for AEW’s Deadly Draw tournament. However, the woman once known as the Queen of FCW is ready to take the independent scene by storm as Guerrero has recently announced her return to the ring!

Inside The Ropes recently caught up with third-generation wrestler Shaul Guerrero, and Latina Heat told us all about her father’s legacy, and the pressures of being a wrestler with her legendary surname.

“Honestly, like any time somebody talks about my dad, remembers my dad and, like, the beautiful gear that people are having made and the tributes are really wonderful.

“They keep his memory alive, and I am never against that at all – but I am excited to kind of keep it in the family a little bit more and be able to reclaim some of those moves as something in the Guerrero family. But any time I see somebody do something, any time I see flames on gear, I get really excited and it reminds me of Dad, so that’s never a bad thing.”

Shaul Guerrero went on to say how she may very well be wearing flames on her attire in the near future! Latina Heat did go on to discuss the pressure she faces as being part of such a legendary family, and says no-one will ever compare, so she can only do her best.

“You know, people do, and I understand, attribute some nepotism towards me because my family’s been in this for generations, and so I do have doors open for me a lot easier than some people. And I fully understand that and whatnot.

“But along with the open door comes a very high expectation that, ‘Oh, she’s going to be just as good as her dad.’

“And you know what? Like, no-one is ever going to be like my dad. No-one’s ever going to do mic-work like my mom. And it’s not fair of me to put those kind of pressures on myself. And so I’m going to go in there and I’m going to do my absolute very best, my way, and hopefully that will be well-received.”

Shaul Guerrero returns to the ring when she makes her Generation Championship Wrestling debut on November 13th. Latina Heat will also soon be wrestling in Zelo Pro Wrestling.

You can read our full interview with Shaul Guerrero here.