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Shane Thorne Says It Was “Comical” How Long He Was Employed

Shane Thorne sits on turnbuckle

Former WWE Superstar Shane Thorne has admitted that it became “comical” how long he could go without being used by the company while he was employed by them.

Shane Haste joined WWE in 2016 alongside his longtime tag partner Mikey Nicholls. The duo debuted on NXT as TM-61 and were renamed Shane Thorne and Nick Miller. The duo some success in the then-black and gold brand, picking up victories over the likes of The Revival and reaching the finals of the 2018 Dusty Rhodes Tag Team Classic before being defeated by the Authors of Pain.

Following Miller’s release in 2018, Thorne embarked on a singles run but was mainly in action at live events. In 2020, Thorne was called up to the Raw roster where he teamed with Brandon Vink and was managed by MVP. Following the split of the group, Thorne moved on to become a member of RETRIBUTION under the new moniker of Slapjack.

After that group dissolved in February 2021, Thorne was moved to SmackDown where he wrestled in several dark matches. He was then released from the company on November 18th.

Looking back at his time with WWE on the ‘Two Man Power Trip’ podcast, Thorne says it was “comical” that he could be employed by the company despite several stints where they didn’t have anything for him to do.

“I was at SmackDown every single week and I think I got written into the show and off the show, four or five times. It became comical of how long I could be employed without doing anything. How many times can we stop and start this? No idea. Run out of time on the show? SmackDown is a shorter show.

“I’d wrestle in the ring before the shows. Train with people. Some of the most fun I had in WWE was working on SmackDown, on the main roster run where I may not have been doing anything, but hanging out in the ring with people and wrestling.”

Shane Thorne went on to explain that one part he had was cut simply because WWE didn’t want him to be called ‘Shane’, and later he was cut from a segment with Toni Storm and Happy Corbin with no explanation.

“One of them was a basic backstage where Pearce and Deville were talking and they were like, ‘here’s a new person for SmackDown…Shane Thorne,’ and I’m like, ‘Hey guys, how ya doing?’ Sami Zayn would come cut me off, make it about him. Cool, whatever gets me in there. I’m not pitching to become World Champion. Just put me in the background. Just so I exist.

“My part got cut because they didn’t want me to be Shane. They wanted a new name. Call me Dave, Bob, John, whatever. You’re just going to call me Thorne in a few weeks anyway. People don’t have two names. Who cares, whatever gets me out there.

“Me and Toni Storm did this thing with Corbin where he was down on his luck. They came up to Toni and go, ‘Here is your part for that.’ ‘What about my bit?’ ‘Uhhh, sorry, you’ve been cut.’ In 15 minutes, they cut all of them. I had a few chats with Vince, spitballing ideas, it just never came to.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Shane Thorne also spoke about the people RETRIBUTION pitched to be their leader, including WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

H/T to Fightful for the above transcription.