“Shane Just Wanted To Be Shane” Reveals Bruce Prichard


On the latest “Something To Wrestle Withpodcast, Bruce Prichard and Conrad Thompson discussed Shane McMahon.

Being the bosses Son, there was a certain expectation that came with it for Shane-O, preconceived notions, Conrad wanted to explore what Prichard’s view of Shane McMahon’s relationship was like behind the scenes with the rest of the WWE talent. Whether the mood changed once he became more prevalent on screen and within storylines.

Specifically, with that tough spot to be in, Conrad asked Bruce “Did Shane want to prove that he wasn’t just the bosses son?“.

When you are next to the boss, whether that’s being his son or you work closely with him all the time – you are judged in a separate way. People looked at Shane like “oh, got to be careful that’s the bosses kid”.

For Shane, Shane was just trying to be his own man, Shane just wanted to be Shane. It’s difficult because, you walk into any situation and you’re already pre-judged before anyone even says hello to you.

Shane tried to just be himself, and he just happened to be Vince’s son.

The hosts go on to discuss the long storied career of Shane McMahon, from his inception into the wrestling business from the “mean streets of Greenwich” to his off-screen involvements such as wanting to purchase the UFC back in 2004.

Prichard recollects just how determined Shane was to becoming a WWE wrestler, going over and above to prove he’s not “just the bosses kid”.

Shane McMahon training to get into the ring was, you talk about intensity, he was intensity personified. Shane busted his a*s every day, every night. If Shane had extra time, he would call my brother Tom and say, ‘Hey, can we get in the ring.’ Poor Tom, he got the sh*t beat out of him by Shane.

But, Shane put the work in. He busted his a*s with any and everybody that would get in the ring and work with him. Shane wanted to be as good as he possibly could be so as not to embarrass himself, not to embarrass the family, and not to embarrass the company. He did everything that he could to get out there and learn. Vince wasn’t going to put him out there until he was confident and comfortable that he was able to hold his own.

We haven’t seen Shane on WWE TV since his RAW Underground feature which ended in September 2020. He made a brief appearance on screen to celebrate the career of The Undertaker but since hasn’t been spotted. With the Royal Rumble close to shore and WrestleMania coming into view on the horizon, there’s no telling what could be in store for Shane-O-Mac or perhaps whether there’s a plans for him to return at all.