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Shane Helms Defends WALTER Name Change -“If I Survived That, WALTER Will Be Just Fine”

Shane Helms

WWE producer Shane Helms has defended the highly-criticised renaming of WALTER and says the Austrian star will be just fine in the company.

On the 19th of January edition of NXT 2.0, WALTER seemingly wrestled his last bout under that moniker as he took on former NXT Cruiserweight Champion Roderick Strong. Following his victory, WALTER took to the microphone and declared “the winner of this match is Gunther!” seemingly indicating his new name in WWE. The change has since been confirmed by the company as his profile on wwe.com shows The Ring General now listed as Gunther. His bio has been changed to reflect the new name although the other information contained within it remains the same. Now WWE producer Shane Helms has drawn from his own experience to say on social media that he thinks the former NXT UK Champion will be just fine following the name change. Helms himself was shorn of the things fans might have recognised when he made his WWE debut as Gregory Helms in 2001:

“In my WWE TV debut, I lost: -My name -My gimmick -My entrance -My entrance song -My finisher -And my WCW Cruiserweight Championship. ALL IN ONE NIGHT. If I survived that, Walter will be just fine.”


Perhaps the difference between Helms’ and WALTER’s situations in Helms had joined a new company and WALTER had already been established under the WWE umbrella – albeit primarily as part of the NXT UK brand. However, he has made appearances at NXT TakeOvers and competed for Team NXT under his old name at Survivor Series 2019.