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Shane Douglas Recalls Quitting WCW After Being Told To Lose To The Undertaker

Shane Douglas & The Undertaker

Shane Douglas has recalled quitting WCW after being told that he would be losing the man who would become The Undertaker is two minutes.

Back in early 1990, Mark Calaway seemed a million miles away from the wrestling icon that he would later become. Performing as “Mean” Mark Callous, the man who would become The Undertaker was in the midst of a fairly nondescript run with WCW.

After initially appearing as part of the Skyscrapers in January 1990, a few months later Calaway was attempting to find his way as a singles star.

During this period with Teddy Long as his manager, “Mean” Mark was scheduled to square off against Shane Douglas in a glorified squash match, where Douglas would lose in two minutes.

Appearing on Wrestling Shoot Interviews, Douglas recalled finding out that he was effectively going to be used as an enhancement talent in the match. Douglas initially explained that while he was happy to lose the match, he wasn’t going to lose in the manner that had been planned.

“I go looking for Jim Ross. As I’m looking for Jim Ross, I run into Teddy Long and Undertaker, Mark Callous then. He [Teddy Long] is a manager at this point. He’s like, ‘Yeah, Shane, tonight you’ll be working with Mark Callous. He’s gonna beat you in two minutes with a heart punch.’ I went, ‘I’ll put him over but I won’t put him over that way.’”

Douglas eventually caught up with Jim Ross who in turn sent him to booker Jody Hamilton who told him to do what he was told. Douglas revealed that he then threw trash can at Hamilton and quit on the spot.

“He said, ‘Shane, you’ll do what you’re told tonight and like it.’ I said to him, ‘Then watch me walk the hell out of here.’ Then I threw a garbage can at him and go and get my bag. Tom Zenk, Brian Pillman, and Johnny Ace all tried to stop me and said, ‘Don’t walk out on this contract.’”

Upon leaving WCW, Douglas made his way to the WWF where he was joined in November by “Mean” Mark Callous who was now known as The Undertaker.

H/t to Sportskeeda for the transcription.