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Shane Douglas Piles Praise On Goldberg

Goldberg screaming

ECW original Shane Douglas has heaped praise on WWE Hall Of Famer Goldberg and claims the former WCW Champion was extremely easy to work with.

Shane Douglas was the man who threw down the NWA World Championship and ushered in a new era of Extreme Championship Wrestling in the early nineties. ‘The Franchise’ was a cornerstone of the promotion in between an ill-fated run in the WWF and a longer stint in World Championship Wrestling.

It was in WCW that Shane Douglas came across the all-conquering Goldberg. Speaking to The Hannibal TV, Douglas discussed working with Goldberg and says despite being disappointed in how the company paired the two men together, Goldberg was a gent to work with:

“Bill’s a great guy. I’m happy to see that, first of all, he’s still in phenomenal shape. He was super easy to work with for me in WCW, albeit I think the company didn’t do it properly. There was no reason to just feed me up after building that heat to take it right off of us. I think they could have really built that to something special.”

Douglas and Goldberg only shared the ring twice in WCW, both late in 2000 when the company was coming to a crashing end. In both instances, Goldberg did what he did best and vanquished The Franchise in short order.

According to Douglas, he thinks the best thing to do with a star like Goldberg is play to his strengths:

“Look, Bill’s not a 60-minute guy, he’s never gonna be. Same with Lesnar and some of the others. They’re attractions. Showcase them with their strengths, as opposed to putting them like a turtle on their back in something they shouldn’t be doing.”

Goldberg is looking for every kind of revenge imaginable when he takes on former WWE Champion Bobby Lashley at the upcoming Crown Jewel pay-per-view in Saudi Arabia.

h/t Sportskeeda for the transcription