Sgt Slaughter Calls Mustafa Ali “Scum”, Ali & MACE Respond Hilariously

Sgt. Slaughter

WWE Hall of Famer Sgt Slaughter and current Superstar and leader of RETRIBUTION Mustafa Ali have been barbing at each other on Twitter, with Slaughter calling Ali “scum” and the RAW Superstar responding in hilarious fashion.

Following RAW Legends Night, Ali would open up on RAW Talk about WWE‘s use of legends and his “agitation” at WWE dedicating three hours to names from yesteryear rather than the current crop of talent.

“I am agitated, I’m angry but most of all I’m confused. We dedicated a three-hour show to old has-beens. You want to call them legends, call them whatever, they’ve had their time. A night like tonight is exactly what is wrong with this company. Three hours to guys that can barely walk?”

Ali would go on to question, if those “legends” carved the path, when he gets to walk it. However, the rousing speech didn’t go over too well with everyone…

Responding to a fan who tagged him on Twitter, Sgt Slaughter would respond thanking them for their support for enabling him to pave “the yellow brick road that the scum and puke of Ali has been allowed to walk on” before calling Ali a maggot.

The RETRIBUTION leader didn’t take it lightly, though, sharing a photo of Sgt Slaughter from his infamous heel turn, and the caption, “Remember when you betrayed your country, maggot?” MACE of RETRIBUTION would add “Delete his account next” in the replies.