Several NXT Talents Given New Names

Daniel Vidot

WWE has been very active in filing for new trademarks of late, and that trend has continued this past week with several NXT talents set to be given new names.

According to, WWE filed for the following new trademarks this past Tuesday:

  • Akeem Young
  • Ivy Nile
  • Odyssey Jones
  • Tony Modra
  • Xyon Quinn

Tony Modra has been confirmed as Brendan Vink, who appeared on RAW alongside Shane Thorne – now known as SLAPJACK of RETRIBUTION.

Akeem Young will be the new ring name of former Cirque du Soleil cast member Sidney Bateman, who started at the PC in January.

Australian rugby star Daniel Vidot, who signed for WWE in 2018 and made an appearance on SmackDown in April this year against Sheamus, will be taking the Xyon Quinn name. It’s different, we will say that much.

6’3″, 305lbs 26-year-old former college football player Omari Palmer will now be going by the name Odyssey Jones.

All three of the above have already changed their social handles on Twitter to reflect the name changes.

As of this writing, there is no confirmation as to who will be taking the names Ivy Nile, but based on the others who have been renamed, it is likely to be someone who is yet to appear as a regular on television.

Once the new names are legally locked down, the arrival of the five newcomers on NXT television could well be imminent.