Seth Rollins Wants To See Surprising NFL Star In The WWE

Seth Rollins

Which NFL star would Seth Rollins like to compete alongside?

Multiple gridiron stars have transitioned to professional wrestling, some for sporadic matches and some for full time careers in WWE. Most famously, former defensive tackle for the Miami Hurricanes Dwayne Johnson would make the transition from sports to sports entertainment.

Seth Rollins Names NFL And WWE Crossover Dream Match

Speaking on the CHGO Sports podcast, Rollins named which member of the Chicago Bears he would like to team with in WWE:

“I’ll stick with the now and I’ll say Eddie Jackson. He’s like a hawk-man. He’s a visionary, an architect. He sees things before they happen, you know what I’m saying? He’s got those, as a safety you’ve gotta have those eyes, you’ve gotta be able to see what’s going on.”

Eddie Jackson plays in the free safety position for the Chicago Bears. Jackson was in the starting line-up for the 2022 NFL season, recording 80 tackles in the process.

Jackson would not be the first American Football star to have a match inside a WWE ring. Most famously, the main event of WrestleMania 11 would see former New York Giants linebacker Lawrence Taylor defeat Bam Bam Bigelow.

With The Visionary’s outlandish fashion choices being a frequent talking point on Raw, it would be interesting to see what matching gear the team would be wearing. Rollins was seen on a recent episode of Raw wearing giant red boots that were bought for a very high price.

The Chicago Bears did not make it to the Super Bowl in 2023, which saw the Kansas City Chiefs defeat the Philadelphia Eagles in a closely fought game. Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes was seen after the game holding a custom made WWE Championship to celebrate the accomplishment.

Along with the custom title, WWE Superstars and Hall of Famers were seen in various commercials throughout the broadcast, including The Undertaker having a humorous interaction with comedian Kevin Hart.

H/t to Fightful for the use of transcription.