Seth Rollins Used Unusual Tactic To Fight Off Fan Who Attacked Him

Seth Rollins on WWE Raw

Seth Rollins recounts the time when he was attacked by a fan and the WWE World Heavyweight Champion remarkably got him off by not hitting him.

Rollins was on Impaulisve with Logan Paul and went into greater detail about that scary moment that went down on a 2021 episode of WWE Raw at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY.

“So first of all, this guy, I feel, I want to preface it by saying I felt [horrible] when I found out about everything. I felt very bad for this guy. This guy, you know, he’s, there’s some mental disability going on there. His connection from reality. He’s not all there. He was catfished online, by somebody pretending to be me, I believe. There was some amount of money exchanged for whatever he was, you know, being asked for.”

Rollins was finishing a segment with Finn Balor in full heel mode at the time and noted that he was solely focused on that when he was jumped by the fan.

“Next thing I know, he’s cutting corner, and just zips right by Stewie and just straight football tackles me, form tackles me right there on the ramp. And it was terrifying because I was, like I said, I’m not prepared. So my instinct was to just try to get a hold of his head. And he’s kind of like, clawing at me, like he didn’t have any weapons. Thank God, he had nothing on him, you know, but he’s like, just kind of clawing, he’s not really thrown any punches or anything like that. Think he’s like grabbing my hair.

“He’s a stout man, but he’s short. So he’s like a little ball. So like, I couldn’t quite get a hold of him. And like, security jumped quick, our referee actually jumped quick. Everybody was trying to get him off, but he had a hold of my hair.”

How Seth Rollins “Dislodged” His WWE Raw Attacker

Rollins then went into detail about how he had to squeeze “something” to finally get the fan off of him.

“To try to dislodge him, the only thing that I could do was I didn’t want to punch him. I didn’t want to hit him. The only thing that I could do, I saw like he was on top of me. All I saw was his legs. So I just reached up and just, I had to get this guy off, I didn’t know what was going on. So I just reached up and snatch, it was a squeeze, just a squeeze, a hard, hard squeeze.

“It got him off. It was nerve wracking. Especially in the moment once I realized, you know, a split second after he got me when I realized was going on. I mean, if he had a shank if he had any sort of sharp object, I would have just been slice and dice, man. It’s very, very scary.”

The fan was a 24-year-old individual from the Red Hook section of Brooklyn. Police arrested him and charged with attempted assault and disrupting a live sporting event.