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Seth Rollins Reveals Universal Title Will Come To Raw If He Beats Roman Reigns

Seth Rollins WWE Universal Title

Seth Rollins has confirmed that should he defeat Roman Reigns at the Royal Rumble and win the Universal Championship, he’s bringing the title back to Raw.

The January 7th episode of SmackDown proved to be a show of surprises, with Royal Rumble entrants being announced left and right. But arguably the biggest shock of the night was reserved for the dying seconds of the show.

Seconds after The Usos retained their SmackDown Tag Team Championships in the main event there was a knock on Reigns’ door backstage. As the champion climbed to his feet, he was greeted by Seth Rollins, complete with maniacal trademark laugh. This is how Rollins confirmed that he was to be Reign’s challenger at the Royal Rumble.

Since then the former WWE Tag Team Champions have gone face to face with Reigns claiming that he is now above The Shield’s trademark fist bump after he was offered one by Rollins.

The fact Seth Rollins is Reign’s challenger is only surprising in the fact that Rollins is a Raw star while Reigns and the Universal Title are squarely at home on SmackDown. But now Rollins might have given a peek into the future as a guest on The Kevin Owens Show on Raw.

Seth Rollins confirmed to Owens that should he defeat Roman Reigns for the WWE Universal Title he intends to bring the blue belt to Raw.

Rollins was the last official Raw star to hold the Universal Title as he lost it to SmackDown’s Bray Wyatt back at Crown Jewel in 2019. Wyatt subsequently lost the title to Reigns in August 2020 and The Tribal Chief has shattered records as champion ever since.