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Seth Rollins To Depart WWE Television

Seth Rollins Thumb

As per Dave Meltzer of The Wrestling Observer Newsletter, Seth Rollins is due to depart WWE television to be with Becky Lynch as the couple expect the arrival of their first child.

During the latest edition of The Wresting Observer Radio, Meltzer noted that bringing the storyline with Rey Mysterio and Murphy to a close was WWE putting Rollins’ affairs in order before he departs to be a father.

However, Dave Meltzer doesn’t expect ‘The Greater Good’ to be out of action for long:

“Becky Lynch is about to give birth, I think within a week or two, and that’s why they blew up the Rey [Mysterio] thing this week, and they’re going to do the Seth Rollins/Buddy Murphy match next week and then the Survivor Series and probably after Survivor Series, probably a week after but he’s gonna be gone and you know probably until the first of the year, maybe. I don’t know there’s a definite date but that story is out and that story is true”

With his return expected in the New Year and potentially delayed until the 2021 Royal Rumble, it is currently unknown whether WWE will rush the rivalry with Murphy to a conclusion or have it continue in January upon his return.

On Friday’s edition of SmackDown, Rollins fell in an excellent bout to Rey Mysterio after Murphy double crossed his former messiah. Following the bout, the Mysterio’s accepted the Australian into the family.