Seth Rollins Recalls His Thought Process During Fan Attack On Raw

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins admitted that he didn’t have time to process what was happening when the fan attacked him.

In November last year, Seth Rollins was walking back up the ramp after a match with Finn Balor when a fan surprised and attacked him. Security rushed to the Visionary’s aid and managed to grab the fan before anything horrible happened.

Speaking about the attack with Ariel Helwani of BT Sport, Seth Rollins revealed his thought process during the surprise assault and admitted that he was taken aback by the whole thing.

“It was so fast, I didn’t really have any time to process it. The only thought I remember having is when he was on top of me and they were already pulling him away, but he had like a handful of my hair and I was just trying to punt him off me with whatever foot I had underneath.”

“My instinct was to grab his head immediately just to control his head. I don’t have any jiujitsu training at all, so whether I did anything right or wrong is completely instinctive. But yeah, my instinct was just as soon as I knew that someone was upon me to control his head as best I could.”

It turned out the attacker was catfished by someone pretending to be the WWE star and stole $3000 from him, Spencer revealed during his interview with the New York Daily News. Rollins admitted to feeling sorry for the attacker and called the situation “unfortunate.”

“I was just thankful that security was there. I was thankful that he wasn’t armed in any way. That could have gone very badly. And then, in the aftermath, I just felt bad for him. When I saw online what his situation was and that he had possibly been catfished out of some money and his mental capacity wasn’t great, I just felt bad.”

“I felt bad that there wasn’t anybody in his life that could help him out. It was an unfortunate situation that I think was handled as best as it could all the way around.”

The Visionary is set to face Matt Riddle in a Fight Pit match at Extreme Rules on October 8th.

H/t – Sportskeeda