Seth Rollins Drops Final Opponent Tease For Jamie Noble’s Comeback Match

Seth Rollins and J&J Security

In 2015, Seth Rollins was riding high in WWE as part of the villainous group known as “The Authority.” He was WWE World Heavyweight Champion, he was backed by a handful of the most powerful people in the company, and he even had his own security team known as “J&J Security.”

J&J Security was made up of Joey Mercury and Jamie Noble, and recently, the latter has announced their return to professional wrestling for one more match after a lengthy retirement.

It now looks as though Seth Rollins has seen this announcement, and has responded with an interesting tease.

Could Seth Rollins Be Jamie Noble’s Final Opponent?

Jamie Noble recently posted on his Instagram page that he will return to compete in one more match for WWE. In response to this, Seth Rollins made his own post to his Instagram Story, with the text;

“US Championship Open Challenge?”

Of course, Seth Rollins is dropping a strong hint that he would like to be Jamie Noble’s final opponent. Rollins is the current holder of the WWE United States Championship, and it looks as though if his offer is accepted, he will be putting his championship on the line. This would give Jamie Noble the chance to end his career as a champion, an honour that most professional wrestlers are not fortunate enough to get.

It is interesting to note that the last time Seth Rollins and Jamie Noble shared a ring, Jamie Noble came out victorious. On the June 8th 2015 edition of Monday Night Raw, Jamie Noble and Joey Mercury (AKA J&J Security) faced Seth Rollins in a handicap match. Thanks to a distraction from an interfering Dean Ambrose, Joey Mercury rolled up Seth Rollins for the pin, giving J&J Security the win. This was thought to be Noble’s final match until his recent announcement.

Longtime fans will know that Jamie Noble is not a wrestler to be taken lightly. He has had his fair share of memorable moments and great matches, with an impressive trophy cabinet from his successful career. Of particular note, Noble is a former Ring of Honor World Champion (under his real name James Gibson) and also held the WWE Cruiserweight Championship for 147 days in 2002.

Jamie Noble’s final match is due to take place at a WWE live event on December 11th. Whether his opponent will indeed be Seth Rollins, or somebody else entirely, is yet to be 100% confirmed.