Seth Rollins Sends Apology To AEW Star

Seth Rollins & Paul Heyman on Raw

Seth Rollins has been on quite the run in 2023, and it seems he won’t be slowing down any time soon.

The star’s popularity has soared to new heights, and at Night of Champions, he was crowned World Heavyweight Champion. Back on Raw, Rollins teamed with AJ Styles in the main event to defeat Finn Balor and Damian Priest and managed to raise some eyebrows along the way.

During the match, he found himself outside the ring and put his arm around Rhea Ripley who initially didn’t realise who it was, before being in for a shock when she noticed it was The Visionary.

Long-time fans were quick to notice that the spot was a nod to Shawn Michaels who did something similar on two occasions, first with Sunny in 1996 and then with Melina in 2006.

During an appearance on The Bump, Rollins said that the opportunity was too good to miss, describing it as “a lot of fun.” He went on to extend an apology to Buddy Matthews — Ripley’s real-life partner — commenting that he hoped he wasn’t too offended.

“I saw an opening, I had to take it. I don’t know what else to tell you,” Rollins said. “It was right there for the picking, and it made for good television and a lot of fun. I hope Rhea wasn’t too offended, I hope Dom-Dom wasn’t too offended. I hope my old protege Murphy wasn’t too offended. I don’t know, I’m just p*ssing everybody off, I guess.”

Seth Rollins Is A Man In Demand

Seth Rollins’ string of impressive performances hasn’t gone unnoticed by those outside of WWE. Speaking during a recent interview, Will Ospreay admitted that he would be open to a match with the star, referencing their previously crossing words on social media.

H/t to Wrestling Inc