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Seth Rollins Says A Comment From Vince McMahon Changed The Shield

The Shield

Seth Rollins has discussed The Shield scrapping part of their famous entrance following a comment from WWE Chairman Vince McMahon.

Seth Rollins, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns burst onto the WWE scene in 2012, clad in black and all set to be the shield of justice in the company, or to the highest bidder. The group was famed for their entrance through the crowd, something that Dean Ambrose – now known as Jon Moxley in AEW – still does to this day.

Speaking on Loudwire’s ‘Wikipedia: Fact Or Fiction?‘ Seth Rollins revealed that a tweak was made in the group’s presentation following a remark from McMahon:

“We actually debuted in turtlenecks [at Survivor Series 2012] and we had riot shields and clubs that they hadn’t made for us because we were supposed to be some security – riot security group or whatever. We immediately realised that the shields were huge, they’re full-body riot shields, if you’ve ever seen a riot then you know they’re massive. We pretty much realised very quickly there was no way we were going to be able to jump the railing – run through the crowd, jump the railing and get into the ring with those. They were going to be very cumbersome so the shields went by the wayside quickly.”

“And the batons, the riot batons we were gonna use as weapons but Vince McMahon, our boss actually saw us with the batons as we were rehearsing our debut and was like ‘Ha you need batons to beat somebody up? What kind of men are you?’ So we were like goodbye, see ya batons, so those live somewhere in a warehouse in Stamford, Connecticut now. We never used them and quickly switched out of the turtlenecks after the debut.”

Seth Rollins also divulged the surprising origins of his first wrestling character bestowed upon him by his brother when he was still wrestling in backyards.

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