Seth Rollins Reveals Why John Cena Is The WWE GOAT

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Seth Rollins has high praise for one of his former rivals.

The Visionary has high praise for the 16 time World Champion, labelling John Cena as the greatest of all time in the industry.

Seth Rollins Is Honoured To Be A Part Of John Cena’s Legendary WWE Career

Cena and Rollins have clashed on multiple occasions, with the two Superstars trading the United States Championship back and forth in 2015. At SummerSlam that year, then World Champion Rollins would defeat United States Champion Cena to become a double champion thanks to the help of Jon Stewart.

Speaking with Pro Wrestling Illustrated while promoting WWE 2K23, Rollins was very appreciative of the fact that he could be a part of one of the most legendary careers in the industry:

“John’s the GOAT, man. John’s the best, John is incredible,” said Rollins. “I’m a footnote, really, in his career, you know, John influenced so many talents over the years. He was a generational guy. For me, though, on the other side of that, John influenced what I do so heavily. I took a ton of inspiration from John, I learned a lot being in the ring with John, and I learned a lot watching John behind the scenes. John still is a mentor to me, even now that he’s not around that often.”

Cena is the cover star of the upcoming video game, with his career being highlighted as part of the Show Case mode. The former architect of The Shield stated that he is looking forward to playing through the career of the Hollywood star:

“So it’s awesome to see him portrayed in this way, the legend that he is. I’m very excited to see kind of what his story mode looks like throughout the game. Like I said, I’m just a bit part in that. So it’s my pleasure and my honour to be even a little footnote in the story of John Cena.”

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