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Seth Rollins Reveals Reason Behind WWE Axing CM Punk/Shield Pairing

CM Punk Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins has looked back on why WWE decided to move The Shield on from their storyline with CM Punk only weeks after they debuted.

Rollins made his first appearance on the main WWE roster alongside Roman Reigns and Dean Ambrose – now AEW’s Jon Moxley – at the 2012 Survivor Series. The trio, calling themselves ‘The Shield‘, attacked Ryback in the main event, using their signature triple powerbomb to smash him through an announce table. This allowed the reigning WWE Champion, CM Punk, to pin the other participant in the match, John Cena, to retain the title. The ‘Hounds of Justice’ continued to attack Punk’s opponents for several weeks with the ‘Straight Edge Superstar’ claiming no knowledge of why the group seemed to be aiding him. It was eventually revealed that Punk’s Manager at the time, Paul Heyman, had been the one who was paying them for assistance. Soon after, they broke away from Punk and Heyman to pursue their own path.

Looking back on the abrupt ending to the partnership between Punk and The Shield on Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions, the ‘Architect’ put it down to them getting such a good reaction on their debut.

“No one really told us what was going on. We got such a good reaction that they moved us away from being Punk’s security squad almost immediately, within I wanna say a couple of weeks. It was like a loose relationship where we would help out but there was no like, ‘You guys are my guys.’ It was just like we were clearly our own entity, you know what I’m saying?”

The Shield was a hugely popular act during their initial run together from 2012-2014. Rollins likened their fandom to it being like they were in a boy band.

“Dude, it was like a boy band, you know what I mean? It was a weird fandom where we were heels but no one cared. We came down through the crowd, everything was different, the old [ECW Original] Sandman entrance, the music was awesome. Even the promo style, where we were moving the camera around, kind of looking right into it, no one was doing that at the time. Everything was just new.”

The Shield broke up in June 2014 when Seth Rollins betrayed his teammates by attacking them with a steel chair and being revealed as Triple H’s ‘Plan B’ to take the group out after his own faction, Evolution, failed to get the job done at that year’s Payback pay-per-view.

H/T to Sportskeeda Wrestling for the above transcription.