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Seth Rollins Hints New Entrance Music Is Incoming

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins has hinted that new entrance music might be on it’s way, suggesting another change in character is imminent.

Rollins returned to the WWE at the Royal Rumble PPV, ‘The Second Coming’ theme greeting fans as he made his entrance. Yet on the latest episode of WWE SmackDown, ‘Burn It Down’ echoed around the ThunderDome as Rollins headed to the ring.

Despite the return of ‘Burn It Down,’ Rollins seemingly remained in his Friday Night Messiah persona, one glove and arrogance to boot. But he has spoken out about a potential theme change – something Roman Reigns has also discussed recently.

Appearing on The Bump, Rollins discussed the return of the ‘Burn It Down’ song and whether it’s a long-term fit for the character.

It’s weird, kind of. I don’t know that it fits as much with the character, but we’ll see what happens, who knows.

We might have a third music on the incoming. Not to give away any spoilers. We used ‘Burn It Down’ that night and we’ll see where we go from here, I don’t know what the future holds.

It was good for one night to have the hot flames behind me.

When further prodded about his character development, Rollins admitted that this isn’t a hybrid of ‘past Seth Rollins’ but what we’re about to see with his character is yet to unfold – making a point that we’re only one week into this new iteration of Rollins.