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Seth Rollins Responds To Brutal Attack On Cody Rhodes

Seth Rollins Sledgehammer

After delivering a brutal beating to Cody Rhodes on Raw, Seth Rollins took to social media to mock his fallen foe.

Cody Rhodes made waves when he competed against Seth Rollins inside Hell in a Cell with a torn pectoral muscle, which was impossible to hide given the large visible bruise on his chest throughout the bout. Against all odds, the two had a match that’s being hailed as an instant classic, and in the end, Cody emerged victorious.

Ahead of the bout, Cody took to social media to make it known that he had grit and determination to compete because he loves professional wrestling, tweeting:

“For the love of the game”

The American Nightmare opened Monday Night Raw the next night and addressed the crowd, making note of his injury but also stating his desire to win Money in the Bank, a prize that he said has always eluded him. However, he was interrupted by Seth Rollins. Rollins said that Rhodes has earned his respect, and he’s the toughest person Rollins has ever competed against. He brought tears to Cody’s face with words about his late father:

“I know I’m the last person you need to hear this from, but Dusty is very proud of his baby boy right now.”

Rollins and Cody shook hands and Rollins exited the ring, leaving Rhodes to wave a tearful goodbye to the crowd. Commentary noted that, as previously reported, Cody is set to undergo surgery on June 9th to repair his torn muscle.

However, just as Rhodes was about to exit the arena, Seth Rollins ran out and attacked his foe with a sledgehammer, seemingly injuring Cody further. Commentary called the act “reprehensible” and talked about how Seth had stooped lower than they ever thought he could.

Taking to social media after the attack, Rollins mocked his fallen foe, echoing Cody’s tweet from the day before in a disparaging tone. He also showed himself with the sledgehammer he used to attack Rhodes, clearly in reference to Triple H, with whom both Rhodes and Rollins have a great deal of history.

“FoR tHe LoVe oF tHe GaMe”

Elsewhere on Monday Night Raw, Finn Balor joined The Judgment Day before the group shockingly turned on Edge and ousted him as their leader. Later in the night, Judgment Day member Rhea Ripley was crowned the number one contender to Bianca Belair’s Raw Women’s Championship. Full results from the June 6th episode of Raw can be found here.