Seth Rollins Recalls How He Lost And Then Got Back The Curb Stomp

Seth Rollins Stomp

Seth Rollins has been a forceful presence in WWE for over a decade, and during that time, he’s undergone a number of changes to his persona.

One of these major changes took place when he was no longer allowed to use his signature Curb Stomp finisher following his first WWE Championship win in 2015. Speaking in a new interview with Sean Ross Sapp of Fightful, Rollins spoke about Vince McMahon taking the finisher away from him immediately after he cashed in his Money in the Bank contract to win the title at WrestleMania 31.

“I lost it the day after I won the title at WrestleMania. I had a conversation with Vince. He said, ‘No more.’ He said, ‘Nope, that’s the end of it.’ Years later, I finished the story with Triple H, which was the Pedigree. It was majorly involved in that, and it just felt like the time to get a new finish.”

In a 2021 interview, Rollins revealed that McMahon thought the move was too violent.

In addition to adopting the Pedigree, Rollins tried a number of different finishers over the years, but nothing seemed to click as well as his original Curb Stomp. Eventually, he had another chat with McMahon about bringing back the finisher, and was once again allowed to use it, although the move is now simply called the Stomp.

“Time heals all wounds. Whatever had wounded him, he was over it. So, he said, ‘Alright, bring it back,’ and here we are.”

Seth Rollins Will Face Logan Paul At WrestleMania 39

On the most recent episode of Monday Night Raw, Logan Paul made his way back to WWE television for the first time since attacking Seth Rollins inside the Elimination Chamber. The two had a confrontation on MizTV, and Paul declared that he was very good at his job.

Rollins called Paul the “scum of the earth,” a “coward,” and a “fraud” before the two brawled. Eventually, Paul laid out Rollins before telling his foe to let him know about WrestleMania, ending the segment with the words “Buh-bye, b****.”

Full results from the March 6th episode of Raw can be found here.

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