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Seth Rollins Reacts To Fan Assault On Raw – “It Was Terrifying”

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins has opened up about bring attacked by a fan on the latest episode of Monday Night Raw, describing the incident as “terrifying.”

On the November 22nd edition of Monday Night Raw a fan ran from the crowd and attacked Seth Rollins as he was making his way backstage. The confrontation was briefly caught on television before the camera quickly cut away.

Those in attendance quickly confirmed the attack on social media, detailing how the fan was dragged away by security.

In the wake of the incident, WWE released a statement confirming that the attacker had been arrested. He was later identified as 24-year-old Elisah Spencer.

Speaking to TMZ, Seth Rollins reflected on the attack, describing it as “terrifying” but that the security team moved “very quickly.”

“It’s terrifying, brother,”

“It happened very quickly. I was mostly just reacting and hoping that our security would come and do their job. Which they did very quickly. And then was just trying to detach and move on. Hope that everybody is okay.”

Rollins went on to confirm that he was uninjured in the incident, commenting that the attacker should be banned from future WWE events.

Seth Rollins had come to the ring to celebrate his win in the Survivor Series battle for brand supremacy before taking on Finn Balor. Rollins was the sole survivor for Team Raw seeing off Jeff Hardy to claim the win, something Rollins was keen to remind the world on Raw.

After running down his accomplishments from the night before, some harsh words for Finn Balor brought The Prince to the ring. But Rollins quickly attacked the Irishman, and although Balor managed to get some offence in, he was soon overpowered. Rollins nailed Balor with the ring steps before hitting a Curb Stomp, before returning to the ring to deliver a second to leave Balor laying.