Seth Rollins Opens Up About Origins Of Wild Wardrobe

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins’ bizarre wardrobe choices came at the right place and right time.

Speaking with Shakiel Mahjouri ahead of SummerSlam weekend, the WWE World Heavyweight Champion decided to peel back the curtain as to when he made the decision to reinvent his look with a bit of flair. Rollins decided to take the risk during the pandemic, admitting he had reasons to feel more at ease in front of no live crowd.

“So it would have been like, early 2021, really, when it was kind of taking its first baby steps so I didn’t have the same trepidation that I would if I was in front of an entire audience. It was just the television audience and then the computer screens at the ThunderDome, so there really wasn’t as much, like I said, as much trepidation as there might be when I fully stepped out. But when I really started to notice that what I was doing was hitting was really during my rivalry with Edge because people really started to take notice of the colorful outfits.”

“Is That Seth Rollins Or A Baked Potato?”

Once Seth Rollins was finding his groove with his new garb, The Visionary began to embrace the heat even further by making the outfits even more and more ridiculous.

“I wore an all silver, bright, aluminum foil looking suit on television one time and I got baked potato chants. If you can get baked potato chants based on what you’re wearing, I think you’re onto something. It took a while to kind of grasp it and hone it and figure it out, but yeah, it started to catch on. People started to wonder what kind of outlandish crap I was going to wear the next week and it caught fire.”

Rollins’ wild looks certainly follow in the footsteps of the “Exotic” Adrian Street. The British wrestling legend passed away last Monday and WWE along with Triple H have paid tribute to him. With Raw airing after this writing, perhaps Rollins has something up his sleeves to tip the cap as well.

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