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Seth Rollins On Cesaro – “Vince Was Right About Him”

Seth Rollins has not had anything good to say about Cesaro on social media, issuing several posts tearing down the Swiss Cyborg.

Rollins and Cesaro have been embroiled in a feud on Friday Night SmackDown since Seth returned at the Royal Rumble in January. Since then Rollins offered to take Cesaro under his wing as he persists in messianic ways on the blue brand.

Cesaro has resisted such moves and the two men have come to blows with Cesaro at one point giving Rollins possibly the biggest giant swing in history.

Cesaro recently discussed his desire to compete in his first singles match ever at WrestleMania. His choice of an opponent was Seth Rollins. Now Rollins has responded on Twitter, issuing a series of tweets giving his thoughts about Cesaro.

Rollins tweeted:

“Cesaro is a COWARD! Used to be a really good friend and now look at him. Turned down MY HELP and now wants to RIDE MY COATTAILS INTO WRESTLEMANIA!?!!”

“HUGE waste of potential. Doesn’t DESERVE my consideration.”


“I’m a MAIN EVENT! I tried to HELP Cesaro not once, BUT TWICE! He EMBARRASSED me and PATRONIZED ME!”

With only four matches so far announced for the two-night WrestleMania, Cesaro vs. Seth Rollins could be a show-stealer if the match happens.

Cesaro’s biggest WrestleMania moment arguably came at WrestleMania XXX in 2014. At that event, the Swiss star slammed The Big Show over the top rope to win the first-ever Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal.

Seth Rollins can claim an iconic WrestleMania moment from a year later in 2015. During the main event for the WWE Championship between Roman Reigns and Brock Lesnar, Rollins would memorably cash in his ‘Money In The Bank’ briefcase. Turning the match into a triple threat for the closing moments, Rollins would win the title in what commentator Michael Cole referred to as ‘the heist of the century.’