Seth Rollins Unveils New Look On WWE Raw, Signals Babyface Turn?

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins has become synonymous with outlandish outfits during his time in WWE, wearing suits and robes that regularly have the WWE Universe questioning his fashion sense. His colorful attire is a far cry from the black SWAT gear he sported as part of The Shield, and his outfits often rival his wife Becky Lynch in terms of outlandishness.

However, it now looks like Seth Rollins has now gone back to his roots as he’s dyed a portion of his hair blond. When he debuted as part of The Shield nearly a decade ago at Survivor Series 2012, he sported a blond streak in his hair, a look he made iconic during his run as NXT Champion. While Rollins’ blond is kept to the ends of his hair this time, many fans were reminded of his previous look when he appeared on the ramp ahead of his scheduled match on WWE Raw.

Seth Rollins Defeated Austin Theory On WWE Raw

On the Halloween edition of WWE Raw, Seth Rollins went head to head against Mr. Money in the Bank Austin Theory. While Theory is correct in that he’s the youngest man to reign as both United States Champion and Mr. Money in the Bank, Rollins proved a formidable foe on this occasion. While fans may have been surprised to see the match made between two heels on the show, Rollins received a hero’s welcome from the Dallas crowd, and his new look might also indicate a change in character.

The match was hard-hitting and featured plenty of innovative offense. At one point, Seth Rollins stood atop the announce table to a huge ovation from the crowd and delivered a knee to the back of Austin Theory’s neck as he was hanging from the barricade.

In the end, Theory attempted to finish off Rollins with his own Pedigree, but Rollins was able to counter into a Stomp for the pinfall victory.

Elsewhere on WWE Raw, Bobby Lashley and Brock Lesnar brawled once again despite being scheduled for an interview segment backstage. The chaos reached such a fever pitch that Triple H declared that if the two men touched again before November 5th, their match at WWE Crown Jewel would be called off.