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Seth Rollins To Face Mystery Opponent At WrestleMania 38

Seth Rollins

It has been announced that Seth Rollins will face a mystery opponent of Vince McMahon’s choosing at WrestleMania 38.

Seth Rollins has been on a mission to get himself a match at WrestleMania 38, and now that mission is finally complete.

On the March 21st episode of Monday Night Raw, Rollins failed for a second time to win himself a spot on the card for WrestleMania. On this occasion he lost in the main event to AJ Styles after Edge interfered. The week previously, he had been defeated by Kevin Owens.

However, after his match with Styles, Rollins went berserk at ringside, vowing that the next episode of the show wouldn’t take place until he got a match on the ‘Grandest Stage of them All.’

However, just 24 hours before the show, Rollins shared a screenshot on social media, showing him being summoned to a meeting with Vince McMahon.

WWE have now shared footage of the meeting on social media, with Rollins finally being given his WrestleMania match. At first, Rollins is in full swing, and McMahon appears unmoved by his presence, only ordering him to get his feet of his table.

Rollins then ran down a list of punishments he thought he was going to get, before McMahon cut to the chase. The WWE Chairman said that he didn’t bring Rollins into the meeting to fire him, but pointed to his failures in recent weeks. But more importantly, he said that if he wanted to be part of WrestleMania, all he had to do was ask.

McMahon then explained that if the former World Champion was on the show he would need his own special main event. At this, he confirmed that Rollins would have a WrestleMania match, although he will only find out the identity of his opponent when he’s in the ring. Furthermore, the opponent will be hand-picked by McMahon.

The long-held belief is that Seth Rollins will face a returning Cody Rhodes at the show in Dallas. It has been widely reported that Rhodes has re-signed with the company, although there has been no confirmation from either side.

In a fresh update on Rhodes, he is not expected to be on the March 28th episode of Monday Night Raw.