Seth Rollins – “I Don’t Know Where My Future Lies”

Seth Rollins makes his entrance on WWE Raw

In recent months Seth Rollins’ popularity has hit an all-time high, and this has naturally led to speculation that he could start to take on more non-wrestling projects.

These rumours have only become more intense after it was revealed that Rollins will be starring in Captain America: New World Order. Meanwhile, back in the ring, Rollins was recently crowned World Heavyweight Champion and remains at the very top of his game.

During a new interview with Alex McCarthy for the Daily Mail, Rollins addressed his current run, and a potential switch to Hollywood. After explaining that he’s been “sworn to secrecy” about Captain America, the star was asked whether his future lies in Hollywood.

Rollins said that he expects to remain part of wrestling in some way, before recalling The Rock and John Cena’s feud ten years ago which centred around the latter taking aim at The Great One for allegedly turning his back on wrestling.

“As I sit here right now in my wrestling school seeing people fall down behind me, I feel like I’m always going to be part of the industry in some shape of form.

You look at The Rock as the example here, and he’s a different beast, right? What you were seeing from John at the time, he was at the peak of his popularity in WWE at the time and it was seeing The Rock come back every year.

So, The Rock wasn’t just gone for a hiccup, he was gone for a year and then coming back and taking away an opportunity from someone else who had been there and grinding and all that. What John didn’t see was the bigger picture and how many more eyes The Rock was going to bring to WWE, to WrestleMania and to the talent as a whole.

John missed that part, and he will tell you now that he was a little nearsighted in that regard. And you saw when John Cena came back to WrestleMania this year, it wasn’t to be on the marquee, it wasn’t to be anything other than to be part of the show and contribute in any way that he could.”

Continuing on, Rollins admitted that while he sees himself wrestling for a number of years to come, he knows there will come a time when his body will give up on him.

“As for me, I don’t know where my future lies. I feel, like I said, at this moment wrestling is my future for as long as I can do it at a high level. But there’s going to come a day when falling down is going to turn my bones to dust and I will have to start looking elsewhere and seeing what other options there are.

I don’t think that’s coming any time soon and I’m just in the prime of my career right now and there’s a lot of years ahead of me.”

Seth Rollins Attacked On WWE Raw

On the June 19th episode of Raw, Seth Rollins had been due to defend his World Championship in an open challenge but he was savagely attacked by Finn Balor. He was then beaten down again backstage by the Judgment Day star.

Rollins later said that he remains committed to facing Bron Breakker on the June 20th edition of NXT and Balor at Money In The Bank.