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Seth Rollins Hits Back At Mick Foley After He Questioned His Fashion Sense

Seth Rollins

After WWE Hall of Famer Mick Foley was left confused by Seth Rollins’ latest outfit on Monday Night Raw, the number one contender for the WWE Title has fired back.

For a number of months Seth Rollins has delighted, confused, wowed and baffled WWE fans in equal measure with a selection of outlandish outfits. On SmackDown his suits became the stuff of paint splattered, multicoloured legend but since moving to Raw ‘The Visionary’ has upped his game once more.

Rollins opened the most recent episode of the show wearing a red fluffy jacket, minus a shirt. Obviously. Which could have easily come straight from wife Becky Lynch’s wardrobe. But there was more. Returning to ringside for the clash between Big E and Kevin Owens, Rollins appeared draped in a spectacular pink suit with red trim, with the jacket tied off to the side, with a bright red shirt.

Reacting to the remarkable sight on social media, Mick Foley said that while he isn’t normally one to comment on fashion, “WTF is Seth Rollins wearing?”

Not someone to take the slight lying down, Rollins sarcastically hit back at the Hall of Famer.

In opening the show Seth Rollins announced that he would be challenging Big E for the WWE Championship at WWE Day 1 on New Year’s Day.

Rollins earned his shot at Big E by winning a Fatal-Four-Way Ladder match a number of weeks ago. Since the victory, Rollins has caused issues between the champion and Kevin Owens while entering a mini feud with Finn Balor. In the opening match of the episode, Balor tried to avenge his beatdown against the number one contender a week ago.

Balor attacked before the match even started, using the steel steps against Rollins, but once the match got underway, the former Shield member fought back.

After poking Balor in the eye, Rollins hit a back elbow and a Curb Stomp to grab the win.