Seth Rollins Addresses Infamous Hell In A Cell Match With The Fiend

Seth Rollins stomps The Fiend Hell In A Cell

Seth Rollins has discussed the notorious 2019 Hell In A Cell match with Bray Wyatt that somehow ended in a no contest.

At the 2019 Hell In A Cell event, The Fiend Bray Wyatt challenged Seth Rollins for his Universal Championship inside the demonic structure. The Hell In A Cell match has always been no disqualification with the match not even being stopped when Mick Foley went headfirst off the top of the structure in 1998.

But this bout in 2019 brought a lot of disappointment to fans as it was stopped and ruled a no contest because Rollins piled a lot of weapons on top of Wyatt and brought a sledgehammer crashing down on the whole pile.

Speaking to Ariel Helwani for BT Sport, Seth Rollins has reflected on the absurd finish to the match and says both he and Wyatt wanted something different to be the outcome but then WWE Chairman Vince McMahon wouldn’t budge on the finish to the bout:

“I could have moved on to something else and he could have had his run as champion. But that wasn’t the case and we played the hand we were dealt, and that was not our call. I know he would tell you the same thing, that did not go the way we wanted it to.”

“We tried, and we tried, and we tried, and the boss at the time would not budge. Like I said before, it is not our sandbox, you know? We are actors on a stage sometimes and we read the lines.”

Seth Rollins admits he found it tough dealing with the more supernatural elements of The Fiend’s character and with hindsight thinks it would have been better if he just took a heavy beating in the Cell and called it quits:

“It was tough figuring out how to tell a good wrestling story with that character. I just wasn’t good at it. That was one thing, I was not good at the phenomenology stuff like I wasn’t able to interweave that with reality enough to make what I felt was a captivating story.”

“At the end of the day, it probably would have been better if he just mauled me in that cell, put the claw on me, and called it a day.”

h/t Sportskeeda