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Seth Rollins & Edge To Meet In Madison Square Garden

Seth Rollins Edge

A blockbuster SummerSlam rematch has been made for SmackDown returning to WWE’s spiritual home of Madison Square Garden as Seth Rollins faces Edge.

At The Biggest Party Of The Summer, Seth Rollins went one one one with Edge in a grudge match that goes back many years. Following Survivor Series 2014 Seth Rollins was losing grip on power after The Authority had been ousted thanks to a debuting Sting. Only John Cena – whose team defeated Team Authority in the ten-man tag team match at Survivor Series could return the reviled duo of Triple H and Stephanie McMahon to power. It was on RAW when Seth Rollins used Edge to enact his cunning plan to force Cena’s hand.

With The Rated-R Superstar still retired from the ring due to medical reasons, Rollins confronted him alongside his then partners in crime, Kane and Big Show. They held Edge down while Seth Rollins threatened to Curb Stomp his already injured neck. Cena had seen enough and caved into Rollins’ demands to return The Authority to their place as the decision-makers in WWE. Rollins had got his way but Edge had never forgotten.

Fast forward seven years and Edge is very much back in action after making his return to the ring at the 2020 Royal Rumble. After returning to win the men’s Rumble match in 2021 Edge took his place in the main event match for the WWE Universal Championship against Roman Reigns and Daniel Bryan. A dominant Reigns retained but Edge was not done in his quest to reclaim gold.

At Money In The Bank Edge tangled with Reigns once again but after confronting Seth Rollins on SmackDown, Rollins took his opportunity to cost The Ultimate Opportunist his title match. After Reigns had put Edge away thanks to Rollins’ help, Edge and Rollins brawled throughout the arena.

At SummerSlam Edge had his chance to take out seven years’ worth of frustrations on Seth Rollins and did so as he defeated him by submission. On SmackDown the WWE Hall of Famer showed that he hadn’t taken his eye off of Rollins after he intervened as Rollins beat down Cesaro. Rollins goaded Edge by threatening to nail the Swiss Cyborg with a Con-chair-to causing Edge to make the save. Later in the night, it was made official that at SmackDown in Madison Square Garden, Edge and Seth Rollins will face off once again.