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Seth Rollins Dedicates CrossFit Workout To Brodie Lee

Brodie Lee Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins has paid tribute to his late friend Brodie Lee by creating a special CrossFit workout, in memory of ‘The Exalted One’.

Rollins, who is currently absent from WWE television, took to Instagram recently to share the workout made in Lee’s honour. Describing Brodie as a hero, Seth posted an emotional video detailing the workout, and paying tribute to his friend:

“It breaks my heart that we are even making this video, and that this workout even exists. But, as most of you know a good friend of ours Brodie Lee passed away recently. Some of you may know him as Luke harper or Jon Huber, I knew him as Brodie, Big Brodie.

And in the cross fit community we dedicate workouts to heroes, and Brodie was a hero to me, to his friends because of how loyal he was. And how funny and kind, and generous he was. But, more importantly, he was a hero to his family. That’s where his heart was, to his boys and his wife. So today, we’ve going work out in his honour.”

The workout, simply named “Brodie”, consists of heavy weight lifting and cardiovascular bike exercises. Rollins, playfully nicknamed ‘CrossFit Jesus’ in the CrossFit community, shared the workout routine via the DeadBoy Fitness’ Instagram page:

4 Rounds

12 Deadlifts

26 Push Ups

20 (men) / 15 (women) Calories on a bike.

After those four rounds, complete the workout with one SINGLE BURPEE. (He hated burpees)

The prescribed weight for the deadlifts is 225 lbs (men)/ 155lbs (women). You can always go lighter if need be. Feel free to deadlift any object in place of weights. Backpacks, suitcases, water jugs, etc.

If you’re in for an extra challenge make those weights HEAVY!


Prior to dedicating this workout to Lee, Seth Rollins paid tribute to Brodie with several posts on social media. Recalling their time together in Ring Of Honor, FCW and WWE, Rollins recalled both men’s passion for the industry, at times almost coming to blows backstage in heated debates over their Shield/Wyatt feud.

Seth Rollins recently became a father for the first time, welcoming a baby girl into the world with Becky Lynch. Rollins noted that not only did he look up to Brodie Lee as an athlete, competitor, work out companion and friend, but also as a loving father and husband:

“I looked up to Brodie. Not just because he was a physical mountain of a man, but because of how he was as a father and husband. And as I venture into those realms myself now, I really hope I can carry a bit of him with me. I hope I can be to my family even a little of what he was to his.

Love you, big man. Miss you already.”

Full details of the “Brodie” CrossFit workout are available via DeadBoys Fitness.