Inspiration Behind Seth Rollins Incredible WWE Clash At The Castle Ring Gear Revealed

Seth Rollins makes his entrance at WWE Clash At The Castle 2022

Seth Rollins is never one to shy away from extravagant attires, but he paid tribute to a true legend at WWE Clash At The Castle.

Seth ‘Freakin’ Rollins has worn some legendary outfits during his WWE career, particularly in recent years. At Clash At The Castle, however, he paid tribute to musical legend Elton John.

‘The Visionary’ wore an outfit resembling Elton’s Rocketman outfit, with a fire-inspired design, wings, horns, and sunglasses. Social media jumped at the chance to make the comparison.

This marked the first of two tribute attires worn by Seth Rollins during Clash At The Castle. As part of the post-show press conference, the multi-time World Champion wore a heart-embedded jacket that wouldn’t look out of a place in Jimmy Hart’s wardrobe.

Seth Rollins defeated Matt Riddle at the event in one of the show’s more acclaimed contests, pinning him following two Curb Stomps – the second of which viciously came from the second rope. Seth utilised a number of Randy Orton’s signature offence, poking fun at Riddle’s injured partner, including the draping DDT and attempted RKO.

Rollins spoke during the aforementioned press conference, explaining how he’s dedicated his life to the business, despite many mocking his outfit choices:

“If we’re trying to rag on me not taking the industry serious, because it’s kind of my life. I’ve dedicated my entire life to it, and I have a lot fun with it, but at the end of the day, it is my passion. I dedicate, literally, every single waking second of eating, sleeping, and not raising my kid to this industry. So, just because I look good doesn’t mean you got to be jealous, my friend.”

H/T to Wrestlezone.