Seth Rollins Reveals When He Will Challenge Big E For The WWE Championship

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins opened Monday Night Raw with an announcement that he will face Big E for the WWE Championship at WWE Day One.

Rollins became the number one contender after beating Kevin Owens, Finn Balor, and Rey Mysterio in a brutal ladder match. The match concluded with Rollins launching Kevin Owens with a back body drop from a ladder outside of the ring through another ladder. As Rollins gathered himself it looked as though Finn Balor might sneak the win but he was quickly undone by a Curb Stomp leaving Rollins to claim victory.

After making his intentions for the WWE Championship known, Rollins was confronted by an angry Finn Balor ahead of their scheduled match. The two brawled before the match began and it looked like Finn Balor was gaining the upper hand, but in the end, Seth Rollins emerged victorious after intense back and forth action.

The two men have been embroiled in a feud for weeks, and on the November 22 episode saw the number one contender spout harsh words at Finn Balor to bring Balor to the ring, where he was beaten down by Rollins. As Rollins was making his way up the ramp looking at the fallen Balor, a fan jumped the guardrail and attacked him. The fan was taken into police custody and charged.