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Seth Rollins Blacks Out All Social Media Accounts

Seth Rollins

Seth Rollins has gone dark on social media, removing his name and all profile pictures across numerous platforms.

On the March 7th episode of Monday Night Raw, Seth Rollins and his partner challenged for the Raw Tag Team Championships. The two men went into the match certain of victory, sure they would be booking themselves a spot at WrestleMania 38 in the process.

However, things didn’t go to plan for the team who boast multiple World Championship wins between them.

Despite landing their Buckle-bomb, Stunner, Curb Stomp, combination, Riddle managed to throw Rollins out of the ring and score the win. While RK-Bro celebrated regaining the tag team titles, and Orton declared he was having the time of his life, Owens and Rollins sat outside the ring devastated.

Both stars sat separately in silence, completely crestfallen, while Rollins later refused to give an interview backstage.

In the days after the event, Rollins blacked out his social media accounts. The former World Champion changed his handle on both Instagram and Twitter to “…” while removing his header and profile photos.

On Raw, Rollins’ partner Kevin Owens later returned to the ring and laid down a challenge to Stone Cold Steve Austin. KO called out the WWE Hall of Famer, daring him to show up at WrestleMania.

Austin later responded in a short video, cutting a promo as only he can, promising to open up one last can of whoop-ass on Kevin Owens.

Plans for Seth Freakin’ Rollins at WrestleMania currently appear far more uncertain. Although a recent report has revealed that there have been discussions regarding Rollins and a potential clash with Cody Rhodes. The American Nightmare remains a free agent after leaving AEW almost a month ago, and has held talks with WWE over a return to the company.