Seth Rollins & Becky Lynch Name Their Top 5 Heels In Sport

Becky Lynch Seth Rollins

Having both spent time on the dark side in WWE, Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch both know what makes a good heel.

Although both Rollins and Lynch are two of the biggest babyface stars on Raw, their heel credentials are both well-established. Some fans still aren’t over Rollins decking Roman Reigns with a steel chair in 2014 to break up The Shield. Seriously Seth?

This puts them in a perfect position to assess the heel skills of other sporting figures outside of WWE.

Appearing on ESPN’s First Take, Monday Night Raw’s favourite couple named their top five heels in sport.

It was Rollins who got the ball rolling with a precision that showed he’s put more thought into this than he’s probably prepared to admit. As the World Heavyweight Champion explained, every heel team needs a manager, so what better person to pull the strings to ensure their guys always come out on top than legendary New England Patriots Head Coach Bill Belichick.

“Every good heel contingent needs a great manager, so we’re kicking it off with Bill Belichick, one of the greatest of all time. But look at him. He’s all happy there, but he’s not all smiles, you know that. He’s Bobby ‘The Brain’, he’s ‘Classy’ Freddie Blassie. He’s great, he’s championship material. He’s got it all. He’s got the pedigree, he’s got the dynasty, he’s got the look, he’s got the sweater top, but he’s got a scowl. He’s got a mean mug, and he’s not afraid to take a short cut when he needs to. Just saying, DeflateGate. Hey, I’ve been there. You gotta win at all costs,”

Next up, Becky Lynch chose her countrywoman and legendary boxer Katie Taylor. Interstingly, Lynch’s logic involved revealing that Taylor’s a really nice person — perhaps too nice.

“We have an Irish lady. Her name is Katie Taylor, a killer. Damn near unbeatable, but also a silent killer. Very dangerous, but also possibly one of the nicest human beings you’ll ever meet. You would think that is a good thing. Maybe she is too nice. What is she hiding? Maybe she’s hiding something, maybe she’s up to something. Maybe that’s how she lures you in, and then, right when she’s got you, cuts the legs right from under you,”

Rollins went for a straightforward pick next, applying professional wrestling 101. The Visionary chose LeBron James for the simple reason that he’s just too good. He was tipped to become one of the best basketball players in history and that’s exactly what he’s done.

“I’m telling you, LeBron James, that’s right. He’s too good. He comes in, drafted number one overall. Want to go to college? No, he ain’t gotta go to college. Just come right out of high school, expectations through the roof. Absolutely blows them out of the water. Championships, MVP, all-time leading scorer. You got an accolade, LeBron’s got it.

Constantly compared to some of the greatest of all time, but everybody’s got an opinion about LeBron. Either he’s the greatest of all time, or he’s never gonna be Kobe. He’s never gonna be Mike. You know what, he shrugs it off. He smokes a cigar. He hangs out on a yacht. He does whatever LeBron wants to do. It’s his world, we’re all just living in it. Very, very easy to dislike. He’s too good. He can’t be beat,”

In making her final addition to the list, Lynch also went back to basics to name UFC star Sean O’Malley. According to Lynch the cocky loudmouth with awful face tattoos has a punchable face. Perfect heel character.

“We got Sean O’Malley. He’s colorful, he’s cocky, he’s a loudmouth, got the most punchable face in all of sports. Look at him. Terrible tattoos. How could you not hate this guy? Look at his hair. Full clown hair. He’s got face tats. Awful face tats. You just want to punch him right in the face. That’s a heel,”

The last name on the list came courtesy of Seth Rollins and it gave him a chance to vent some personal frustration. The star named the man with the most punchable face in the NFL, Aaron Rodgers.

“Speaking of punchable faces, we’re going all the way to number one, a little personal for me, this is Aaron Rodgers. You wanna talk about punchable faces, this guy has got the most punchable face in all the NFL, and he knows it, too. He knows it. He’s cocky. He’s got swag. He goes out there, tells the Bears he owns you. ‘I own you’? I think there was some profanity involved there. We won’t go there with that. But this is Aaron Rodgers we’re talking about.

He goes on the McAfee show, he says whatever he wants. He’s got all of his opinions. I wish I was a defensive end. I wish I was coming around the edge. I wish I was getting his blind side. I wish I could rip him apart. There you go, top five heels in sports. Your mileage may vary on this. This is for us,”

Seth Rollins And Becky Lynch To Star At WWE Money In The Bank

Seth Rollins and Becky Lynch will both be back in action at WWE Money In The Bank in London, England. On the show, Lynch will be taking part in the women’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match as she bids to return to Women’s Title contention, and Rollins will be putting his World Heavyweight Title on the line against Lynch’s former trainer Finn Balor.

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