Seth Rollins’ Attacker Speaks For First Time, Claims He Has Apologised To WWE

Seth Rollins

The man who assaulted WWE Superstar Seth Rollins on Raw has broken his silence, explaining the events that led to his arrest on Monday night.

On the latest edition of Monday Night Raw, Seth Rollins was assaulted by a fan on the entrance ramp. Rollins had just beat down Finn Balor in the ring, causing a match between the two to be called off, and was exiting the arena via the ramp when the attack occurred.

The confrontation was briefly caught on television before the camera quickly cut away. However, it was confirmed by those in attendance that the fan jumped the rail and tackled Rollins before security intervened.

Speaking to TMZ, Seth Rollins reflected on the attack, describing it as “terrifying” but that the security team moved “very quickly:”

“It’s terrifying, brother,”

“It happened very quickly. I was mostly just reacting and hoping that our security would come and do their job. Which they did very quickly. And then was just trying to detach and move on. Hope that everybody is okay.”

Rollins went on to confirm that he was uninjured in the incident, commenting that the attacker should be banned from future WWE events.

24-year-old Elisah Spencer was the man behind the attack and he was held by the NYPD on charges of aggravated assault and attempted violation of arts and cultural affairs by disrupting a live sports event. Now Spencer has discussed the matter with the New York Daily News and discussed being the victim of a catfishing scam where someone posed as Seth Rollins:

“He was asking me to send him gift cards in exchange for money, mostly $500 or more to see if I was loyal. He asked me to be a wrestling blogger for him. I wanted to work my way up.”

These interactions on social media came after Spencer had met Rollins previously at a meet and greet and asked Rollins to help get his foot in the door in the wrestling business.

Spencer says he had spent around $3000 in gift cards before receiving a cheque from the person claiming to be Seth Rollins which subsequently bounced.

The attacker then claimed that he in fact assaulted Seth Rollins in front of thousands of witnesses in an attempt to help Finn Balor, the man Rollins had just attacked on Raw:

“My plan was to help Finn Balor, I’m a fan. I like his aura, his attitude. I like everything about his charisma. I like everything about him.”

“I jumped from where I was sitting at. I ran and speared Seth Rollins. I busted his lip open and he caught me in a headlock. I broke the headlock and I was trying to get him, then the referees and the security guards broke us apart.”